Heaven planet
Kanji 天国
English Heaven
Romaji Tengoku
Location Statistics
Type Afterlife
Located In Universe

Heaven (天国, lit. meaning Tengoku) is a gigantic planet in the Other World, covered with flowers and other plants. It has a strange glow around it. It looks slightly like Earth but every one on the planet has a ghostly tail. Unlike most good-natured fighters who were considered very heroic, they are not allowed to keep their bodies. It's been said that those who live on this plane-of-existence are eternally happy and blissful. They get whatever their hearts desire the most and they will never suffer.


  • Although it is called "Heaven", its function in the Dragon Ball series is more comparable to Limbo as it is accessible to those who, while having done good deeds, have not done enough to keep their bodies in the afterlife.