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Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesEnergy Blast

Kanji 鑑定
Rōmaji Kantei
Literal English Judgement
Roleplay None
Classification Energy Blast
Type Ki
Range Long range

The Judgement technique (鑑定 Kantei) is one of the Western Supreme Kai's ultimate techniques.

Overview Edit

The Judgement technique utilizes a holy aura created by the Western Supreme Kai, which covers the target and looks into their soul for any strong negative feelings. If it detects strong negative feelings, the aura seeps into the opponents body and utterly disintegrates them. The technique locates these feelings and amplifies them, turning them into a poison of sorts that rots the target from the inside. However, this technique does not work on feelings such as petty resentment, only negative feelings strong enough it would require the Western Supreme Kai's intervention in the first place, however, this is largely hinted to be due to her own discretion.