Planet Sadala
Kanji 惑星サラダ
English Planet Sadal
Romaji Wakusei Sadara
Location Statistics
Type Planet
Located In Universes
Planet Sadala (惑星サラダラ, Wakusei Sadara), known more populary in the modern era as Planet Saiya (惑星サイヤ, Wakusei Saiya) is the original homeworld of the Saiyans. Its current state of existence appears to vary depending on the universe that one considers.


Seventh UniverseEdit

Originally the Saiyan homeworld, internal fighting and discord led to its destruction. The warrior race subsequently colonized another world.

Sixth UniverseEdit

Planet Sadal remains the Saiyan homeworld, due to the Saiyans' more benevolent nature in that universe.

Ninth UniverseEdit

The planet still exists, though its exact status is currently unknown. Like other universes, Saiyans were born here, though their civilization modernized at a rate faster than others. Eventually they began to expand their territory, taking over their galaxy and creating an empire. However, as they began to reach further they encountered the Planet Trade Organization and its Frost Demon overlords. War quickly broke out between the two of them, devastating a great many worlds and leaving many dead or captured (such as a young Larek, one of several Saiyans experimented on by the PTO during wartime). The conflict continued to the point where both sides were fighting on the surface of Planet Sadala itself. At this time, the new God of Destruction, Roh, made his presence known. Angry at the destruction wrought without his implicit approval, he defeated both sides handily and declared the war over. Both the empire and PTO disbanded, their members scattering across the galaxy as a massive power vacuum suddenly opened.

Whether or not Saiyans are still a majority on the world (or if much live lives there at all) remains a mystery, though the species still remains an active (if endangered) part of Universe 9's fate.

Fourth UniverseEdit

Eighth UniverseEdit


  • The concept of the Saiyans coming from a world outside of Vegeta was first introduced in the anime-only sequel, Dragon Ball GTThe idea was canonized with the revelation of Planet Sadal/Salad in Dragon Ball Super, though whether the planet that they captured in order to replace their own was Planet Plant has yet to be confirmed.